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“Micropellets in oil”


  • The technology separating the active ingredients from the excipients to avoid any reactions between them during the shelf life.

  • Multi-phase hard capsule filling is a technologically interesting step. The capsule could be filled with oil and at the same time with pellets containing other active substances.

description of the release process

  • The capsule first dissolves in the stomach, releases its pellets which disperse and pass to the small intestine.

  • Water is absorbed through the porous membrane of each pellet and dissolves the active ingredient in the core.

Male SexUP


will give you
30 capsules

Sexual dysfunctions are highly prevalent, affecting about 31% of men!


Male SexUp Enhancer will shorten recovery time, all without harmful side effects.


• 100% all-natural herbal formula

• Faster acting formula

• Scientifically studied ingredients

• Harder, Firmer Erection

• Give you firm erection and ready when needed and increased sex drive with endless stamina

• Easy and discreet to obtain

• Simple to take

• No side effects

• No prescription is needed

Female SexUp Capsules


will give you

30 capsules

Sexual dysfunctions are highly prevalent, affecting about 43% of women!


100% all-natural herbal formula
Faster acting formula
Scientifically studied ingredients
Increased sexual desire/libido
Improved sexual function
Improved sexual pleasure
Intensified orgasms
Increases sexual arousal and lovemaking desire
Maximizes sensitivity to labia and clitoris
Offers a deeply intensifying sensation
Helps in reaching repeated pleasurable orgasms
Stimulates natural vaginal lubrication


The power of Science and Nature in “micropellets in oil” capsule! "InRoseLab iCouple SexUp Enhancer" is a unique plant based combination formulated to stimulate male&female libido through increasing nitric oxide levels, improving blood circulation, and filling the body with energy and stamina for a satisfying sexual experience.



60 capsules



& ProstaUP

Natural blend

30 capsules

Around 30% of men 50+ will experience symptoms of andropause!


Male AndroP&ProstaUp capsules contain a combination of clinically-proven branded ingredients to boost testosterone levels, support healthy sexual desire and vitality, muscle mass, and power.

Stability tested sustained release innovative encapsulation technology

With TESTOFEN™ - clinically proven to boost testosterone levels, support healthy sexual desire and vitality, muscle mass and power, which help increase sports performance and reduce symptoms of andropause in men.

*Testofen is a registered trademark of Gencor Pacific Limited


& SexUp
Your secret for
hormone balance, sexual desire, and youthful skin
30 capsules

In today’s 45 MILLION WOMEN are going through menopause right now.

Based on clinically studies.

Your secret for hormone balance, sexual desire, and youthful skin. 

For both peri- and post-menopausal women.

Helps reduce normal symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes and night sweats 

Support healthy levels of estradiol in women that helps boost sexual desire&elasticity and youthful-looking skin 

Women who are looking to restore natural vaginal lubrication and moisture levels, Relieve Dry Vagina Burning and Itching  

Has been shown effective in two human clinical studies

Stability tested- sustained-release innovative encapsulation technology

GMP manufactured 

Happy & Joyful Day capsules.png

Formulated to promote
a healthy, relaxed mood with improved sleep

30 capsules

The number of stressed people out
of 143 countries globally is 35%


Natural blend is a  calming combination of patented Serenzo™ and 
standardized Rosa Damascena formulated to promote a healthy, relaxed mood with improved sleep.
• Stability tested sustained release innovative encapsulation technology

Serenzo™ is a safe and effective food supplement ingredient for stress relief and emotional well-being. Sourced from 100% botanical origin (Sweet orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck) micro-encapsulated with acacia
gum), Serenzo™ is organic certified and well tolerated.

*  Serenzo is a registered trademark 
of Nexira



fragrance capsules
30 capsules

This is a special capsule containing the refined 100% natural Bulgarian Rose Oil, simply serve with water and it will fuse with your body and produce a pleasant breath and body scent, which is great for some important moment, before dating, or going to meet someone special.

Works from the inside, out, continuously freshening breath, improve body odor
Sexual - Frigidity, impotence, nerves
Emotional - Anxiety and stress-related complaints including bad body and breath odor
100% all-natural herbal formula
No Sugar, non-GMO
Scientifically studied ingredients
Acts as fast as you consume, as early as 30 minutes
GMP manufactured.

Rose Cardio capsules

Your everyday therapy for
longevity heart

30 capsules

The result of an innovative solution for the capture of pure Rose Damascena Oil in a capsule thanks to the revolutionary technology micro pellets in oil.
• Microtabletes in the inner capsule protect the active key ingredients - Rose Damascena oil and Glucagel™ keeping cholesterol and triglycerides at a healthy level
• Helps maintain unobstructed coronary arteries
• Supports healthy blood pressure
• Helps to promote blood circulation, maintains cardiovascular's health, ultra-intense antioxidation, free radical scavenging. 
Rosa Damascena Oil 
The EU Medicines Agency reported positively on the Rosa Damascena flower oil as a Traditional Herbal Medicine. *** The recent data concerning the regulatory effect of rose oil on the heart rhythm are in accordance with the opinion expressed by the medieval authors Mathiolus and von Heller (17th century) to the effect that rose preparations “strengthen” the heart and eliminate its “fibrillation”

FOCUS & COGNITION  Healthy Alternative to Coffee


Healthy Alternative to Coffee
30 capsules

Focus & Cognition capsules

• Greater Focus
• Enhanced Memory
• Optimized Learning
• Improves cognitive function and decision making
• Speeds up reaction time

 Stability tested sustained release innovative encapsulation technology


• Zynamite is known for increasing both mental and physical performance and is considered to be a potent nootropic. 
• Pre-clinical studies demonstrated, that Zynamite® crosses the blood brain barrier, modulates neurotransmitter response, and increases the long-term memory.

* Zynamite is a registered 
trademark of 

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